When God Moves Faster than I Can Keep Up by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

When God Moves Faster than I Can Keep Up

Today I’m participating in the Five Minute Friday community. We’re supposed to write for five minutes and not edit. I take these rules as a kind of loose suggestion. The word prompt is: REGRET. I had a post all set to send you today, but I deleted it. Maybe I didn’t want you to know writing is a struggle right…

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God Only Gives – Tsunami of God’s Love

I swept crumbs from under the dinner table deep in thought. Three separate sources of words – a book, a phone conversation, and a question – collided, and I puzzled through the fragmented thoughts. Maybe Christ doesn’t want codependence so much as He wants co-laborers? But I don’t even know what that means. I’m all in, God! Even if it’s…

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Hope for the Directionally Challenged by Pearl Allard - Guest Post on Breathe Blog (Look Up Sometimes)

Hope for the Directionally Challenged – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friend! I am thrilled to journey into another year alongside you. If you, like me, feel a bit directionally challenged wondering where this new year will take you – take heart! And join me over at the Breathe blog for a short, powerful piece of encouragement. Don’t let the graphic fool you – you don’t have to…

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(in)courage guest post Halfway to Bethlehem by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Halfway to Bethlehem – Guest Post on (in)courage

I’ve waited for THREE MONTHS to share this post with you today!!! I am SO EXCITED to share my guest post on (in)courage’s website with you!!! It’s a game-changing message of hope that pulled me through the second-lowest point of my life but continues to encourage me when times are good. It started as a Christmas gift idea gone disastrously…

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FREE Giveaway & Book Review of A Song of Home by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

FREE Giveaway & Book Review of A Song of Home

Hello Friend, From today until December 15th, you can enter to win a FREE signed copy of a newly released book I’ve enjoyed and highly recommend. (If you’re itching to know how to enter, scroll to the bottom. If you want to know what you’re winning first, keep reading!) I’ve been privileged to be part of the launch team for…

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Empowered - When Someone Loves You Enough to Remove All Your Excuses by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Empowered – When Someone Loves You Enough to Remove All Your Excuses

Today I’m participating in Five Minute Friday, a writing community that freewrites for five minutes on a prompt. No editing. I’m going to try my darndest to actually do just that. Today’s prompt: Excuse. Look Up Sometimes’ new tagline is: nurturing Son-followers to embrace grace. I’ve been studying in Romans and realizing that grace is not an optional warm fuzzy…

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2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Words by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Life-Changing Words

It was our housewarming gift my parents drove 2,000 miles to hand deliver: a painting of the sea at sunset by Seward Whitfield. Over seven square feet of stunning. I soaked it in with delight. A shadowbox with real oyster shells and a glass marble pearl – two actually. The artist had forgotten he’d already tucked one inside. The three…

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Tea Party Tidbits 10 - Feeling Depressed by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Tea Party Tidbit #10 – Feeling Depressed?

Not many words to share with you, friend. Just really needing this verse and thinking that I might not be the only one. Sometimes we know why we feel unsettled, and sometimes we don’t. But the war that wages in the unseen surely takes advantage of our weak moments. This is rather off topic, but then again, it’s not: we…

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When You Need Hope - It Only Takes One Drop by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

When You’re Desperate for Just One Drop

This story still moves me. I discovered the thoughts in an old journal, but I pray God uses it to breathe fresh hope. I’m getting just barely enough to survive. Drops of grace. Just when I think I can’t hardly take it, along comes one encouragement. But it’s just ONE. But at least it’s one. I’m trying to be ok…

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I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends by Pearl Allard - Breathe Conference - Look Up Sometimes

When You Want to Give Up

Dear Friend, Wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, may the nearness of God’s presence and His immense love for you soak deep. If you’re on the brink of giving up on something (or someone), may He bring comfort and clarity and infuse you with the strength to persist past your own limitations. Join me today on the Breathe Conference…

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