When God Moves Faster than I Can Keep Up by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

When God Moves Faster than I Can Keep Up

Today I’m participating in the Five Minute Friday community. We’re supposed to write for five minutes and not edit. I take these rules as a kind of loose suggestion. The word prompt is: REGRET. I had a post all set to send you today, but I deleted it. Maybe I didn’t want you to know writing is a struggle right…

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Familiar vs Wonder? What'll It Be? Order UP! by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Wonder vs Familiar – What’ll It Be? Order UP!

Stuff I thought I knew frontwards and backwards and eyes shut and upside down. But who cares what anyone knows? We want to EXPERIENCE it. I’m grateful that God is devoted to me even when I’m not fulfilling my duty to Him.

Struggling Through a Lack of Silence by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Struggling Through a Lack of Silence

Today I’m the black sheep in Five Minute Friday, a writing community that freewrites for five minutes on a prompt. No editing. (It’s a terrific launching point, but I’m a total rule-breaker! I freewrote for about twenty minutes and then edited.) Today’s prompt: Silence. In silence – that’s typically how I write. Not today. I’m sitting in a back booth…

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Discover How to Make Distraction Work for You by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Discover How to Make Distraction Work for You

This post was inspired by Five Minute Friday’s prompt: Discover. Two rules: 1) Freewrite for five minutes 2) Don’t edit. (I broke all the rules.) Maybe this isn’t you – you don’t suffer from distractions. You’re ultra-focused and a productivity maniac. If you are, I’m totally jealous, but I’m also totally willing to learn from you. Would you be willing…

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Butterfly-Sitting & Breakthrough Singing by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes) - the old has gone, the new has come

Butterfly-Sitting & Breakthrough Singing

I had the privilege to butterfly-sit for a friend last week. She was leaving for vacation and afraid the two chrysalises would hatch before she returned. She showed up on my doorstep and delivered two tiny butterfly boxes. All I had to do was hang them by the window, watch the miracle unfold, and release them. The two opaque, mint-colored…

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Tea Party Tidbits 4 - Need Stability by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Tea Party Tidbits #4 – Need Stability?

Dear Friend, Who doesn’t need stability when health declines, loved ones die, or you just forget your razor on a camping trip? Right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a life-threatening issue for me to realize I have issues. I forgot my razor on a four-day camping trip with friends over the fourth of July weekend. It introduced a new…

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Alert: Change Ahead by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Alert: Change Ahead!

Dear Friend, I was at a party last summer with some of my husband’s co-workers – fellow engineers – discussing gardening with two of them. (Maybe I was doing more listening than talking.) My ears perked when I heard one bemoan, “The edible plants require SO much more water than the others!” The conversation continued down a different trail, but…

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ControlGirl Review - Shannon Popkin - by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

To the Woman Who Wants Sweeter Relationships

My Thoughts about the new release Control Girl by Shannon Popkin I was hooked from the start. I didn’t consider myself a control freak, particularly, but the book made sense of my anxiety and anger over ridiculous things. I first met speaker and author Shannon Popkin when she spoke at my church for Christmas 2015. Afterwards, we connected through her…

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You Are a Priceless Gift (Happy New Year!) by Pearl Allard - Look Up Sometimes

You Are a Priceless Gift (Happy New Year!)

The other day my kids asked me which workout was my favorite? I just laughed. Honest? I hate every workout, every day. (Profuse apologies to my fantastic BeachBody coach Jaime Hall.) I don’t like to move it, move it. (Cue the Madagascar song) But there’s a driving reason behind why I’ve started exercising nearly daily, and it’s not guilt. Guilt is not an excellent driver. (Rainman fans, anyone?) …