Yeah Whatever - #2 Noble by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Yeah, Whatever – #2 Noble

This post is part of a series called Yeah, Whatever – a reflection on Philippians 4:8. The premise for the series is that abstract concepts sound great but do us a fat lot of good unless we can start to wrap our brains around them. Therefore, each post includes a note card especially designed to help you (and me) start…

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Yeah, Whatever - #1 True by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

Yeah, Whatever – #1 True Dat

Ok, “true dat” isn’t exaaaactly how I’d say it. But it worked well for the first title of what I’m calling the Yeah, Whatever series. 😉 The idea sprang from a Desiring God article my husband forwarded to me called Whatever is Lovely: How to Overcome Pressing Distractions by Jon Bloom (Desiring God article). Guess he thought I was getting…

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