How Zero Effort Beats Perfectionism by Pearl Allard (Look Up Sometimes)

How Zero Effort Beats Perfectionism

I’m not a photographer, but I like to occasionally snap photos. I attempted some one day, intending to give them as a gift. If the photos were good enough, maybe the recipient would use them in advertising. So I felt pressure, albeit self-induced since the recipient knew nothing about my intentions. Some I shot quickly, but on others I spent…

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Dusting is Overrated by Debbie Scales (The Happy Geranium) guest post on Look Up Sometimes (Pearl Allard)

Why Dusting is Overrated – The Happy Geranium

Hello friends, awhile back I about died laughing in the car rider line. I was reading a blog post on The Happy Geranium by Debbie Scales. Laughing burns calories, right? And it’s definitely heart medicine. Debbie and I first met through the Jerry Jenkins writers guild and have been online friends for over a year and a half. I requested…

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Hope for the Directionally Challenged by Pearl Allard - Guest Post on Breathe Blog (Look Up Sometimes)

Hope for the Directionally Challenged – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friend! I am thrilled to journey into another year alongside you. If you, like me, feel a bit directionally challenged wondering where this new year will take you – take heart! And join me over at the Breathe blog for a short, powerful piece of encouragement. Don’t let the graphic fool you – you don’t have to…

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