2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Life-Changing Words

4 thoughts on “2,000 Miles, 1 Painting & 3 Life-Changing Words”

  1. I am in a dark place right now but whenever I remember to look up the heavy burden eases. Thank you for reminding me again.

  2. Love the reminder and it’s so true. I just emerged from the dark place and as I was coming out of it I realized I had shut God down AGAIN. I was trying to solve everything on my own relying only upon my own skills and darn it if it didn’t really work. God first, God first, God first!

    1. Jodie, I’ll raise my teacup to that! Sometimes feels like three steps forward and two steps back (or more). Praying the Light conquers our dark places and that He helps us remember to do it His way. We need each other, don’t we? Hugs!

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